£12 Tuesday Open Match Winning 21st January 2020 on The Orfe

£12 Tuesday Open Match Winning Weights
On The Orfe
21st January 2020

1st Place Peg No. 35 Godfrey Wood (Matrix Total Angling) 48lb 3oz
2nd Place Peg No. 23 Bob Hill 7lb 15oz
3rd Place Peg No. 26 T Jackson 6lb 15oz

Many thanks for taking part in today’s Open match.

Here is a brief list of this weeks matches:

£13 Thursday Open Match Draw 9am, Start 10am and Finish at 3pm on The Mallard.
Silvers Saturday Draw 9am, Start 10am and Finish at 3pm. On The Canal.
Sunday’s Open Match Draw 9am, Start 10am and Finish at 3pm On The Mallard.

Please call or email if you have any questions, springleafisheries@outlook.com 01743 860972

In our bait shop, you will find a great selection of baits, new and used rods and tackle at low prices, we only sell to customers who fish here at Spring Lea. The pellets that must be used are only £3 a bag but there is plenty to choose from.

DJ’s food court (Derek and Julie’s) sells hot and cold food, drinks and snacks. You can call in whenever they are open. You don’t have to be a customer to Spring Lea Fishery. They are open Tuesday-Sunday 8am-2pm but they can open/close at their own discretion.

Landing nets that are used by pleasure anglers and both landing and keep nets used by match participants will now be supplied by ourselves (PLEASE CAN YOU BRING POLES NEEDED FOR LANDING NETS). This is to protect our stocks, Many thanks.

If you would like any further information with regards to our matches, Pleasure fishing, static caravans, and caravan/camping areas. Please see our website or call us 01743 860972