July 4, 2016

Kingfisher Pool

This pool is closed for reconstruction at present

The Kingfisher Pool was the first pool created at Spring Lea in 1991.

It has a very interesting shape, with a large main section and a much smaller secluded one, connected by a long tree lined channel, providing anglers with many varied and attractive pegs.

A small bridge leads to the larger of the two islands in the pool.

The Kingfisher holds common and mirror carp in to double figures. There are also good stocks of Crucians, Tench, Roach, Orfe, Bream and Perch.

Mature trees surround the smaller of the two sections of the pool and the channel.

The small section has only room for about 7 or 8 anglers and the pegs have been cut between the gaps amongst the trees, making it a great spot for those who prefer a more secluded place to fish.

Kingfisher is mainly used for pleasure anglers, but does have occasional matches.

Spring Lea Kingfisher Pool